The scope includes utility coordination services, water & wastewater engineering and design services, limited bidding services, and construction support services for the reconstruction of Pleasant Run Road from Cockrell Hill Road to Westmoreland Road. Utility coordination services consist of project notifications to franchise utility companies, coordination and hosting utility project meetings and site reviews. Other related services include issuing recommendations for potential SUE work in the project area, assisting with utility conflict resolutions, coordination between the City of DeSoto and franchise utility owners, and periodic updates on utility relocation designs. Meeting minutes and reports are provided on utility coordination efforts to the prime.   ICONIC implemented a project utility coordination guideline that described these procedures. ICONIC is currently preparing construction plans, specifications, and estimates for the relocation of approximately 4600 LF of 12″ waterline, 4000 LF of 8″ wastewater, and 900 LF of 10″ wastewater as well as their reconnection to existing system. Appropriate appurtenances were included as required by the City of DeSoto’s Manual for Design of Water & Wastewater Lines dated February 2004.

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