North Texas Tollway Maintenance Management Consultant

The ICONIC staff has supported the MMC since 2006. Our President was assigned to the North Texas Tollway Authority while employed by a previous firm. ICONIC’s first contractual opportunity was in 2009 as a sub-consultant to the previous MMC. In 2011, ICONIC joined the MMC as a sub-consultant to VRX. ICONIC is supporting the management and administration of the NTTA Maintenance Department’s activities. As part of the MMC team, ICONIC provides:

  • Program management for maintenance of NTTA assets
  • Project development including scheduling, budgeting, cost estimating and annual inspection/condition assessment
  • Emergency response, repair, design and inspection
  • Environmental compliance and oversight
  • Oversight of roadway repairs by NTTA in-house forces
  • PS&E for Maintenance Department budgeted and non-budgeted projects
  • MS4/Environmental compliance, including site remediation as needed
  • 5-year capital improvement plan update in support of the preservation of NTTA assets
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Identification of appropriate maintenance and repair actions and cycles to minimize the deterioration of asset