1W Employee Parking Rehabilitation – Dallas, Texas.

The scope of this project was to rehabilitate the 1W Employee Parking Lot. The parking lot had several significant pavement failures, areas holding standing water, and damaged drainage lines. It was in need of subgrade repair, asphalt overlay, and storm sewer pipe rehabilitation. The estimated amount of storm drainage line to be replaced within the parking lot footprint is approximately 100 linear feet of 30” diameter reinforced concrete pipe. Additionally, a significant portion of the roadway leading to the parking lot from the southbound Service Road was replaced with a new concrete section. Any areas of storm sewer pipe needing rehabilitation discovered within the roadway boundary was also addressed as part of this effort. The primary use of this facility is employee parking; however, the facility’s geometrics and infrastructure improvements must support emergency responders and maintenance equipment. This project will include all contemporary best practice for managing storm water runoff and eliminating heat island effect.

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