Cedar Valley College has three small lakes on their property that are connected to each other. The lakes are along Newton Creek which run through the middle of campus.  ICONIC was responsible for coordinating with DCCCD, Cedar Valley College facility staff, DCCCD Geotechnicial consultant, DCCCD surveyor, and the ICONIC design team. As the prime, the ICONIC design team developed the removal process of the excess sediment within the main and upper lake on the Cedar Valley Campus. ICONIC’s design team developed the schematic design, developmental design, construction design plans, construction specifications and the construction cost estimate for this project.    The two lakes, regarding concern, had developed 20 years of silt, sediment, and other materials. These lakes with the design and management of our team, were brought back to their original capacity. ICONIC was present during all subgrade testing and concrete placement per DCCCD request to insure compliance. We made multiple weekly site inspections to insure contractor performance and compliance.

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