US 412 is approximately 4 miles of four lane Highway 412 on a new alignment, generally extending from Highway 112 in Elm Springs, ARK to Interstate 49 in Bethel Heights, ARK the US 412 Bypass has 14 bridges with the possibility of expanding to 15 bridges total. There will be entry and exit ramps at Highway 112 and direct connectors at I-49. Multiple local roads will be realigned to go over the new bypass.  The improvements were designed and placed in phases to allow the construction team to minimize the impact for construction traffic while the bypass is underway. These different phases will minimize the disturbance to the traveling public during peak hours. To minimize the disturbance several of the different construction phases will be completed at night. ICONIC was a structural and roadway construction inspector on this project.  We provided structural inspection on the installation of driven pile foundations on the Highway 112 overpass; provided structural inspection on the installation of ditch paving along the 412 Bypass main lanes and along Spring Creek Rd; provided structural inspection on the installation of concrete foundations and columns for the Highway 112 overpass and the Puppy Creek main lanes bridges; provided support on calculating quantities for payment of materials.

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