Current Openings

“I have worked at ICONIC for approx. 5 years. ICONIC is a family style organization, One for One & All for All! The company's leadership fosters innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to solve unique design issues. This is accomplished via ICONIC'S team approach, utilizing solid and economical engineering principles providing solutions to any design issue. The work family environment at ICONIC is a pleasant change from most other firms I have worked at.”


“My experience with Iconic has been great so far. I received countless opportunities for job advancement. There's a lot of hard-earned trust that goes along with working at Iconic, but my role at Iconic has led me to continue growing as a person and continue my path of becoming a more well-rounded engineer.”


“Iconic is a place where an employee can balance their work and personal lives. We are all treated as professionals and work as professionals in the family environment company. ”